Project Reason is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society. The foundation draws on the talents of prominent and creative thinkers in a wide range of disciplines to encourage critical thinking and erode the influence of dogmatism, superstition, and bigotry in our world.

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The Scripture Project

Browse the Bible, Qur’an or Book of Mormon for scriptural criticism, insights and careful annotation.

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Secular Islam

Project Reason is committed to supporting projects and organizations that spread secular values and critical thinking in the Muslim world.

This project is being run by foundation advisor Ibn Warraq and takes as its focus the pioneering work in Syriac and Arabic linguistics of Christof Luxenberg. Luxenberg is a native Arab speaker and linguist, living in the West and writing under a pseudonym. Luxenberg’s work has given new impetus to the discipline of Koranic studies, largely by revealing that many acknowledged obscurities in the Koran can be clarified by treating certain passages as a poor translations of Syriac into Arabic.

The purpose of this project is to translate and publish German and French work that has never before been accessible to English speakers. Five of the more accessible articles written in German by Luxenberg will be translated into English for the first time. The project also revives the work of scholars from the 19th and 20th centuries which has fallen into obscurity but has now been proven (by the work of Luxenberg and the discovery of the Yemeni Koranic codices) to be of great significance. Included in the forthcoming volume will be articles on the language and culture of Seventh Century Syria and Palestine, providing an essential background to the Rise of Islam and the Collection of the Koran

INÂRAH: The Institute for Research on Early Islamic History and the Koran
In view of the persistent failure of departments of Islamic Studies in western universities to objectively study the origins of Islam (along with the history of its main document, the Koran), a group of scholars working in different fields has founded a private association called INÂRAH (Arabic, “enlightenment”). INÂRAH attempts to understand the making of Islam by taking all available scholarship into account, including the academic study of religion, Semitic / Arabic Philology, Near Eastern Archeology and Numismatics, etc. INÂRAH endeavors to support liberal Muslims in their efforts to create an Islam that is compatible with the ethical developments of modern life. The organization works by questioning the tenets of Islamic history in its broadest sense, based on a scholarly analysis of texts that both the religion's critics and its adherents hold in common, and by invoking academic resources that have not (yet) played a role within the traditional history of Islam.

Project Reason supported INÂRAH's conferences in 2008 and 2012--and will do so again in 2014.

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Warraq, I. (2008) A Conference On The Early History Of Islam And The Koran New English Review. (May).

THE AHA FOUNDATION:The AHA Foundation was established by Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a charitable organization to help protect and defend the rights of women in the West against militant Islam. Through education, outreach and the dissemination of knowledge, the Foundation aims to combat several types of crimes against women, including the abridgment of the education of girls, female genital mutilation, forced marriages, honor violence, and honor killings. The AHA Foundation is opposed to the adoption of dual legal systems to adjudicate family disputes in religious families and supports the separation of all religions and the State. The foundation stands firmly behind the rights of women and girls to security and control of their own physical beings, to education, to gainful work outside the home, to freedom of expression and association, and to all other civil rights of citizens and residents defined under the laws of Western democracies and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, regardless of sexual identification.

Project Reason will collaborate with the AHA Foundation on future projects.

EX-MUSLIMS OF NORTH AMERICA: EXMNA is dedicated to supporting those who used to follow Islam or identify as Muslim and no longer do so (primarily in North America).


THE QUILLIAM FOUNDATION: Quilliam is the world’s first counter-extremism think tank set up to address the unique challenges of citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world. Quilliam stands for religious freedom, equality, human rights and democracy.