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Tear Down That Wall

February 12, 2013

Christopher Hitchens’ 2010 article calling for the prosecution of the Catholic priests who abused children, and the men who covered it up.

by Christopher Hitchens
January 24
October 9
Imagine no heaven
The Guardian
By Salman Rushdie
September 15
Losing our Spines to Save our Necks
The Huffington Post
By Sam Harris

Project Reason Newsfeed

Texas gov. says religious freedom is not freedom from religion

June 15, 2013

Rick Perry on Thursday signed a law protecting Christmas and other holiday celebrations in Texas public schools from legal challenges.

by Associated Press
June 15
Atheists: Just as obnoxious as Christians
by Mary Elizabeth Williams
June 10
June 8
Anti-blasphemy law creates a tinderbox in Pakistan
The Globe and Mail
by Affan Chowdhry

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Lagrange, Georgia
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San Antonio, Texas