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The Blessings of Atheism

by Susan Jacoby
Posted: January 6, 2013.
Published: January 5, 2013.

Print: The New York Times

The widespread misapprehension that atheists believe in nothing positive is one of the main reasons secularly inclined Americans do not wield public influence commensurate with their numbers.

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Comments (2)

In reading the full article, one of the statements struck me: “‘Human “free will’ is Western monotheism’s answer to the question of why God does not use his power to prevent the slaughter of innocents,...”  Convenient, isn’t it?  When something good happens, the religious people give the fictional being credit and when something horrifying and tragic happens, they chalk it up to human free will or, even better, “satan’s influence”.  They know the intent of the fictional being in positive situations, but not in negative situations.  Yet, somehow this makes sense to them.

posted on January 12, 2013
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I just had a conversation with my father, who is Catholic, about my non-belief and its negative associations. He had to put him straight that atheism is NOT nihilism. Atheism is merely the lack of dogmatism. I’m simply critical of the superstitious. I don’t believe in that. Sweet relief for my father smile

posted on January 12, 2013
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