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Ghana witch camps: Widows’ lives in exile

By Kati Whitaker
September 4, 2012

Print: BBC News

When misfortune hits a village, some countries suspect a “witch” of casting a spell. In Ghana, women accused of witchcraft are often forced to live out their days in witch camps.

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Romney: Grounded in the Galaxy?

By Lawrence Krauss
August 24, 2012

Print: The Richard Dawkins Foundation

We should openly question to what extent Romney buys into the explicit doctrines of his faith, because the doctrines defy common sense.

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How Obama’s health care reform boosted abstinence-only sex education

By Katherine Stewart
August 16, 2012

Print: The Guardian

Congressional haggling over Obamacare meant conservatives won funding for faith-based sex education curriculums in schools

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Parents who believe in miracles ‘torturing’ dying children, doctors warn

By John Bingham
August 14, 2012

Print: The Telegraph

Parents who trust in divine intervention, even after doctors say there is no hope of survival, are putting their children through aggressive but futile treatments, a new article states.

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Republic of Ireland abandoning religion faster than almost every other country in the world

By David McKittrick
August 11, 2012

Print: The Independent

Worldwide, only Vietnam experienced a greater drop in those describing themselves as religious

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Atheists rally for persecuted unbeliever in Indonesia

By Kimberly Winston
July 21, 2012

Print: Religion News Service

The atheist community has embraced the cause of an Indonesian man, Alexander Aan, who was beaten and jailed after denying God’s existence on Facebook and posting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Richard Dawkins: Don’t Need God to Be Good…or Generous

By Richard Dawkins
July 7, 2012

Print: The Washington Post

One reason for non-believers’ unpopularity is the belief that you need God in order to be good—or generous.

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Girl Guides drop Queen, God from promise

By Philippa McDonald
July 7, 2012

Print: ABC

For a century, Girl Guides Australia have promised to do their duty to God and serve the Queen. But they’re now about to embrace a new promise, without any reference to the Queen and God.

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A Quantum Leap

By Lawrence Krauss
July 4, 2012

Print: Slate

The discovery of the Higgs boson particle puts our understanding of nature on a new firm footing.

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What’s the Matter with Creationism?

By Katha Pollitt
June 27, 2012

Print: The Nation

Do you know what the worst thing about the recent Gallup poll on evolution is? The proportion of college graduates who are creationists is exactly the same as for the general public.

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German court outlaws religious circumcision for boys

via Agence France-Presse
June 26, 2012

Print: The National Post

Circumcising young boys on religious grounds causes grievous bodily harm, a German court ruled Tuesday in a landmark decision that the Jewish community said trampled on parents’ religious rights.

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Atheists, Muslims See Most Bias as Presidential Candidates

by Jeffrey M. Jones
June 22, 2012

Print: Gallup

A new Gallup poll finds that 54% of Americans would vote for a presidential candidate who is an atheist.

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Voice of Reason: Lawrence Krauss - “Reality is Liberating”

By Lawrence Krauss
June 20, 2012

Video: dogmaticCURE

It’s better to know how the world really works than to be consoled by fables and myths.

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Santa Monica Nativity Scene Ban Results From Atheist Controversy

By Kathleen Miles
June 14, 2012

Print: The Huffington Post

Atheists are celebrating Santa Monica’s decision to prohibit churches, atheists, synagogues and other groups from setting up nativity scenes or other displays on Palisades Park.

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Why We Don’t Believe In Science

By Jonah Lehrer
June 8, 2012

Print: The New Yorker

Last week, Gallup announced the results of their latest survey on Americans and evolution. The survey results beg the question: Why are some scientific ideas hard to believe in?

(8) comments | Read the full article.

In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins

By Frank Newport
June 1, 2012

Print: Gallup

A Gallup poll released today reveals that 46% of Americans believe in the creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years.

(10) comments | Read the full article.

Is Atheism Increasing at the Expense of Theism?

By Gregory Paul
May 30, 2012

Print: Science and Religion Today

New results from a global survey reveal that in most surveyed countries, theism is losing ground to atheism.

(2) comments | Read the full article.

How to tell if you’re an atheist

By Daniel Dennett
May 30, 2012

Print: The Washington Post

Might many self-avowed Christians and members of other faiths actually be atheists in spite of the fact that they don’t see themselves that way?

(7) comments | Read the full article.

A Year After the Non-Apocalypse: Where Are They Now?

By Tom Bartlett
May 24, 2012

Print: Religion Dispatches

A reporter tracks down the remnants of Harold Camping’s apocalyptic movement and finds out you don’t have to be crazy to believe something nuts.

(9) comments | Read the full article.

Why I want all our children to read the King James Bible

By Richard Dawkins
May 20, 2012

Print: The Guardian

The good book should be read as a great work of literature – but it is not a guide to morality, as the education secretary Michael Gove would have us believe

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