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Anti-blasphemy law creates a tinderbox in Pakistan

by Affan Chowdhry
June 8, 2013

Print: The Globe and Mail

In Pakistan, the anti-blasphemy law has left a trail of fear, and vigilante justice has claimed 52 lives since 1990.

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Don’t Pray for Oklahoma

by Mark Joseph Stern
May 24, 2013

Print: Slate

Wolf Blitzer and other journalists should leave God out of natural disasters.

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Good Boy Scouts don’t need God

by Tom Krattenmaker
May 19, 2013

Print: USA Today

When will the Boy Scouts accept the non-religious?

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To Life, Not Martyrdom

by Herb Silverman
May 19, 2013

Print: The Washington Post

The problem with the Catholic church’s fast track to sainthood called “martyrdom.”

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Science and Religion Can’t Be Reconciled

by Sean Carroll
May 11, 2013

Print: Slate

Why Sean Carroll won’t take money from the Templeton Foundation.

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Atheists: Let Your Conscience Be Your God

by Herb Silverman
May 11, 2013

Print: The Washington Post

Whether religious or secular, our universal goal should be to treat all our fellow human beings with respect and dignity.

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Congressional Support For National Day of Reason

by Brian Magee
May 2, 2013

Print: National Day of Reason

Two members of Congress are offering encouragement to those taking part in National Day of Reason events on May 2.

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Away with the fairies

by Richard Dawkins
April 23, 2013

Print: Richard Dawkins Foundation

What happens when you describe a religious believer as a nutter because he believes in a winged horse?

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New Atheism should be able to criticise Islam without being accused of Islamophobia

by Andrew Zak Williams
April 20, 2013

Print: New Statesman

The atheist community is right to pursue rational, civilised debate, and should be able to do so without being tarred as bigots.

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Godless in Boston mourn, too

by Greg Epstein
April 20, 2013

Print: CNN

America is less religious today than ever before, and Boston is home to one of the largest secular and Humanist communities in the world.

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Skeptic Michael Shermer says science better than religion at determining morality

by Jen Gerson
March 25, 2013

Print: The National Post

Earlier this month, Shermer gave a lecture entitled The Moral Arc of Science: How Science Has Bent the Arc of the Moral Universe Toward Truth, Justice, Freedom, & Prosperity.

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The Boy Scouts of America’s exclusions: the gay and godless

by Katherine Stewart
March 19, 2013

Print: The Guardian

The BSA’s new members’ survey reveals that its bias lies as much in privileging religious conviction as in anti-gay sentiment.

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Physicist See Higgs Boson in New Particle, but More Study Is Needed

by Dennis Overbye
March 14, 2013

Print: The New York Times

Physicists at CERN said Thursday that the new particle discovered with enormous fanfare last summer definitely looks like the Higgs boson.

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Humanism’s faith in reason represents our best hope

by AC Grayling
March 4, 2013

Print: The Guardian

Unlike religion, humanism’s code of conduct isn’t based on a one-size-fits-all philosophy.

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Four dead in Bangladesh clashes over ‘atheist bloggers’

The Bangkok Post
February 23, 2013

Print: The Bangkok Post

Bangladesh police clashed with Islamists demanding the execution of bloggers they accuse of blasphemy, killing at least four people and injuring about 200

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On Darwin Day, Promoting Scientific Thinking

by Rep. Rush Holt
February 12, 2013

Print: The Huffington Post

U.S. Congressman proposes that Feb 12 be recognized as Darwin Day as a reminder of the need to promote scientific thinking in our society.

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President Obama, Please Call for a Second Giant Leap for Mankind

By Zack Kopplin
January 29, 2013

Print: The Huffington Post

Mr. President, we need another scientific revolution; we must have a second giant leap for Mankind.

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Homeopathy is ‘rubbish’, says chief medical officer

By Rosa Silverman
January 24, 2013

Print: The Telegraph

Homeopathic remedies are “rubbish” and do not serve as anything more than placebos, England’s chief medical officer has claimed.

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The Liberals’ War on Science

By Michael Shermer
January 24, 2013

Print: Scientific American

How politics distorts science on both ends of the spectrum.

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In the U.S., Rise in Religious “Nones” Slows in 2012

January 10, 2013

Print: Gallup

The percentage of American adults who have no explicit religious identification averaged 17.8% in 2012, up from 14.6% in 2008.

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