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Pennsylvania bible resolution is ‘sinfully’ unconstitutional

By Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor
January 28, 2012

Print: Freedom From Religion Foundation

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is protesting an unconstitutional resolution naming 2012 the “Year of the Bible,” unanimously passed (193-0) in the Pennsylvania General Assembly this week.

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Newt Gingrich’s Wasteful, Scientifically Absurd Plan To Colonize the Moon

By Lawrence Krauss
January 28, 2012

Print: Slate

Newt Gingrich described himself as a visionary when he unveiled plans Wednesday to create a mammoth new space program, including a permanent colony on the moon within the next nine years.

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Atheist teen forces school to remove prayer from wall after 49 years

Abby Goodnough
January 27, 2012

Print: New York Times


“She is 16, the daughter of a firefighter and a nurse, a self-proclaimed nerd who loves Harry Potter and Facebook. But Jessica Ahlquist is also an outspoken atheist who has incensed this heavily Roman Catholic city with a successful lawsuit to get a prayer removed from the wall of her high school auditorium, where it has hung for 49 years. “

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Obama Reaffirms Insurers Must Cover Contraception

By Robert Pear
January 22, 2012

Print: The New York Times

The Obama administration has rejected a broad exemption sought by the Roman Catholic Church for the coverage of contraceptives for Catholic hospitals, colleges and charities.

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Richard Dawkins celebrates a victory over creationists

By Jamie Doward
January 15, 2012

Print: The Guardian

Free schools that teach ‘intelligent design’ as science will lose funding.

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The Theological Differences Behind Evangelical Unease With Romney

January 15, 2012

Print: New York Times

Do Mormons believe in Christianity?  Well, not really.

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The Enemies of Reason - Slaves to Superstition

Aired on Channel 4 in the UK in August 2007
January 13, 2012

Video: The Richard Dawkins Foundation

Friday the 13th: watch Richard Dawkins’ 2007 documentary ‘The Enemies of Reason’ expose how superstition “impoverishes our culture”.

Milky Way could contain billions of habitable planets like Earth, says study

By Gavin Allen
January 12, 2012

Print: The Daily Mail

Habitable planets may be in orbit around billions of stars in the Milky Way, a long-term study has suggested.

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After losing a lawsuit, taking their appeal to God

By Sharon Otterman
January 12, 2012

Print: The New York Times

Christian congregations that are weeks away from expulsion from New York City’s public schools are focusing on more-religious tools in their arsenal: prayer, fasting and repentance.

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Salman Rushdie brushes off call for festival ‘blasphemy’ ban

By Amanda Hodge
January 12, 2012

Print: The Australian

An Indian Muslim leader has demanded Salman Rushdie be banned from the country’s biggest literary festival, warning that an invitation to the novelist who endured a fatwa will add “salt to injury”.

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Hosannas for the Court

Wall Street Journal editors
January 11, 2012

Print: Wall Street Journal

WSJ op-ed celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling that religious organizations should be partially exempted from laws banning discrimination in employment.

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Battle Anew Over the Place of Religion in Public Schools

By Erik Eckholm
January 7, 2012

Print: The New York Times

It has been nearly 50 years since the Supreme Court ruled that officially sponsored prayer in public schools violated the separation of church and state. But in some corners of the country, open prayer and Christian symbols have never disappeared from schools.

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