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Exposing a Galaxy within the Brain

Emily Singer
November 28, 2010

Print: Technology Review

A new imaging method developed at Stanford reveals the complex array of synapses in the cortex.

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Religions do not Have Monopoly on Virtue, Queen Tells Synod

November 26, 2010

Print: The Guardian

The Queen of England, head of the Church of England, spoke to her bishops and acknowledged that atheists possess virtue and contribute to the life of the nation.

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Religion - a force for good? Tony Blair debates atheist Christopher Hitchens

By: Pat Hewitt, The Canadian Press
November 25, 2010

Print: Winnipeg Free Press

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is to debate Christopher Hitchens in Toronto on whether religion is a force for good in the world.

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Suffering, Haitians Turn to Charismatic Prayer

November 25, 2010

Print: New York Times

Watch a meme complex evolve in real time as Catholicism in Haiti mutates and evolves under new selection pressure caused by the catastrophic earthquake of January 2010.

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In Rare Cases, Pope Justifies Use of Condoms

November 21, 2010

Print: New York Times

Under pressure from critics, Pope Benedict XVI grudgingly rules that condom use can be justified in some cases to help stop the spread of AIDS, the Vatican’s first exception to a long-held policy banning contraceptives.

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Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan

By Waqar Hussain
November 20, 2010

Print: Agence France-Presse

A Pakistani court has sentenced to death a Christian mother of five for blasphemy.

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Where Did God Go in Afghanistan? An Atheist Writes.

November 17, 2010

Print: New York Times

A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan writes about how new policies have reduced the compulsory prayers and religious meetings within the military.

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Efforts to Improve Evolution Teaching Bearing Fruit

Sarah D. Sparks
November 16, 2010

Print: Education Week

A 2005 court battle over intelligent design led scientists to seek better ways to improve students’ understanding of evolution.

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On Trial: Faith, delusion or excuse for crime?

By Jessica Ravitz
November 15, 2010

Print: CNN Belief Blog

The man charged with kidnapping Elizabeth Smart is claiming religious delusion as a defense.

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For Catholics, Interest in Exorcism Is Revived

November 13, 2010

Print: New York Times

American bishops are holding a conference to educate priests and bishops on the techniques of exorcism.

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Why our wandering minds are making us miserable

By Richard Alleyne
November 12, 2010

Print: The Telegraph

A study by Harvard psychologists show that people are happiest when they are living “in the moment” and focusing on the task at hand, and that daydreaming and thinking about the future or the past reduces happiness.

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Palestinian held for Facebook criticism of Islam

November 12, 2010

Print: Associated Press

A 25-year-old Palestinian university student was arrested by the Palestinian police for maintaining an anti-Islam blog and faces the possibility of life in prison.

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Atheist Groups Promote a Holiday Message: Join Us

November 9, 2010

Print: New York Times

Atheist groups get ready to launch several ad campaigns during the holiday season.

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In Spain, Pope Benedict XVI lambasts ‘aggressive secularism’

By Andres Cala
November 8, 2010

Print: The Christian Science Monitor

Ratzinger tried to rally loyalists against ‘aggressive secularism’ this weekend during a visit to the traditional Catholic stronghold of Spain.

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Second deadly mosque attack in Pakistan

By Reza Sayah
November 5, 2010

Print: CNN

A second attack on a mosque in Pakistan killed four people.

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Deadly Baghdad church siege highlights threat to Iraqi Christians

By Jonathan Adams
November 1, 2010

Print: The Christian Science Monitor

At least 37 people were killed when Iraqi forces stormed a Baghdad church that was seized Sunday afternoon by Al Qaeda-linked gunmen.

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