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Simon Singh wins ruling in libel battle

Sarah Boseley
October 14, 2009

Print: The Guardian

A science writer who is being sued for libel by the British Chiropractic Association is to fight on after a preliminary judgment against him was opened up to appeal today.

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Iraqis Shocked as Atheism Creeps In

Afif Sarhan
October 13, 2009

Print: Islam Online

Although their number remains insignificant and most of them hid their identity, the fact that some people are leaving Islam and becoming atheists is a troubling news in conservative Iraq.

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Where is the Evidence of God?

Paula Kirby
October 13, 2009

Print: The Washington Post

The moment evidence is provided, we will be happy to accept it and to change our minds accordingly. This is not the fluffy open-mindedness of the ‘spiritual’, the ‘New Age’, or the ‘seeker’. This is not an open-mindedness that says, ‘I can imagine it, therefore it must be possible’. This is genuine, healthy open-mindedness: a mind that is open, but judiciously so, as opposed to a yawning chasm that has no filter for sifting out the genuine from the phony, the rational from the irrational, the true from the false.

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In swine flu season, sanitizer for the hand of God

P.J. Huffstutter and Duke Helfand
October 13, 2009

Print: Los Angeles Times

Congregations around the U.S. are modifying their rituals to help prevent the spread of the H1N1 virus. A little vodka on the Communion chalice helps.

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O’Reilly vs. Atheist Author Richard Dawkins

October 12, 2009

Print: Fox News

Richards Dawkins bravely subjects himself to an interview with Bill O’Reilly, which O’Reilly then calls a debate.

O’Reilly starts off “I believe in creative design. I believe in evolution, but I think it was overseen by a higher power, because as we just stated and you acknowledged, you guys still haven’t figured out how it all began.”  And it goes downhill from there.

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Faith and Belief: ‘The Evolution of God’ by Robert Wright and ‘The Case for God’ by Karen Ar

Jack Miles
October 10, 2009

Print: Los Angeles Times

How religion tamed the human species; how a form of theological expression from the Middle Ages could help us recover our understanding of God.

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Faith and Belief: Richard Dawkins evolves his arguments

By Susan Salter Reynolds
October 10, 2009

Print: L.A. Times

Article about Dawkins’s new book, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution’.  “Dawkins is very keen to establish that his new book is not ‘The God Delusion.’ He wants, as much as possible, to distance it from conversations about God. ‘I have a strong feeling that the subject of evolution is beautiful without the excuse of creationists needing to be bashed,’ he says.”

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Another Landlord Worry: Is the Elevator Kosher?

October 9, 2009

Print: New York Times

The debate over automatic elevators and whether they violate the Sabbath is reminiscent of medieval scholars arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

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Large Hadron Collider Scientist Arrested for Al Qaeda Links

October 9, 2009

Print: The Daily Mail

A physicist at the lab that houses the Swiss Large Hadron Collider, built to replicate the conditions of the ‘Big Bang’, has been arrested on suspicion of terror links.  Suspects are innocent until proven guilty, but if the police are correct, here’s another example of Sam Harris’s worry about people who are intelligent enough to be nuclear physicists, but still believe in 42 virgins in the afterlife.

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Faith-healing parents charged in death of infant son

October 8, 2009

Print: Philadelphia Daily News

Two Pennsylvania parents now face criminal charges due to the death of their infant, as a result of bacterial pneumonia. This death could have been prevented by consulting a physician and the use of Tylenol or an antibiotic, however the parents elected to try and combat the illness with prayer, rather than medicine.

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Atheist clubs are springing up in American high schools, warns head of US Catholic bishops

Damian Thompson
October 8, 2009

Print: The Telegraph

A “triumphalistic, self-righteous atheism” inspired by the work of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris is winning a following among American young people, leading to “atheist clubs” in high schools, according to Cardinal Francis George of Chicago.

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Kiss-and-tell man gets jail and lashes

October 8, 2009

Print: Gulf News

Riyadh: A Saudi court on Wednesday sentenced a man to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes for boasting about his premarital sexual conquests on a TV talk show.

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Jon McNaughton Painting Shows Crippled Kids, Soldiers With Jesus; Lefty Journalists, Professors With

by The Huffington Post
October 7, 2009

Print: Huffington Post

Jon McNaughton Painting Shows Crippled Kids, Soldiers With Jesus; Lefty Journalists, Professors With Satan

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A Playlist for Recovering Fundies

Valerie Tarico
October 7, 2009

Print: The Huffington Post

In a comic vein, Tarico suggests a playlist for ex-Christians.

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Desert cross before Supreme Court

October 7, 2009

Print: BBC News

A long legal fight involving a cross in California’s Mojave desert is being considered by the US Supreme Court.

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Crowds due to see Saint’s relics

October 6, 2009

Print: BBC News

Thousands of people are expected in Oxford to view the remains of St Therese of Lisieux, a 19th Century Catholic saint.

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Taiwan aborigines pass on witchcraft tradition

Cindy Sui
October 6, 2009

Print: BBC News

It is not the Harry Potter kind of witchcraft, but it’s equally spellbinding, say elders in Taiwan’s Paiwan tribe.

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Religious Experience Linked to Brain’s Social Regions

Brandon Keim
October 6, 2009

Print: Wired Magazine

Brain scans of people who believe in God have found further evidence that religion involves neurological regions vital for social intelligence.

In other words, whether or not God or Gods exist, religious belief may have been quite useful in shaping the human mind’s evolution.

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Egyptian lawmakers want to ban fake hymen

October 6, 2009

Print: The Associated Press

Conservative Egyptian lawmakers have called for a ban on imports of a Chinese-made kit meant to help women fake their virginity…

“If this thing enters Egypt, the country is going to go to waste. God protect us,” commented a reader on the Web site of Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabie.

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Conservative Bible Project Cuts Out Liberal Passages

by Rachel Weiner
October 5, 2009

Print: The Huffington Post

Lo and behold, the Bible has gotten too liberal, according to a group of conservatives. And it needs a little editing.

Read more at:

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