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Contradictions in the Bible poster

By . 2009. Photos.

Visualization of the contradictions in the Bible taken from The Scripture Project by Steve Wells (see the Projects section of

The bars that run along the bottom of the visualization represent the 1189 chapters in The Bible, with the length of each bar corresponding to the number of verses in each chapter. White bars represent the Old Testament and grey bars represent The New Testament. Each arc indicates a contradiction.

Graphic design: Andy Marlow
Inspiration: Chris Harrison

Print your own poster:
22” x 33” or 33” x 44”
RGB, 3mm bleed
printing: recommended to print digitally on matte photographic paper

Comments (184)

Where can I get a bigger version of this?

posted on September 17, 2009

Awesome poster! Is a larger version available?

posted on September 18, 2009
3. Joe

Seriously, where is the high res full size version?

posted on September 25, 2009

i would seriously buy and frame this in my house

posted on September 27, 2009

Hey, I like this on my wall in LARGE SIZE! Were can I get it?

posted on September 30, 2009

Sam wrote the artist about our request for this lovely poster, let’s pray it will be available…

posted on September 30, 2009

Thanks for the feedback.
I´m currently inquiring re printing costs.
I´ll put up a post when I find out…

Andy Marlow

posted on September 30, 2009
8. Mrukk

Great looking image.  I too would love to have access to a high-res version of this so that I can actually read the contradictions.  If there was any way of getting this it would be extremely appreciated.  Excellent work Andy.

posted on October 6, 2009

Just a repost now I am logged in.

posted on October 6, 2009
10. ejs

has anyone found a way to buy one of these?

posted on October 14, 2009
11. EChamberlainMD, San Diego

If we only get one thing to say to Christians to try to show them that Christianity isn’t true, this could be it.  So I want a stack of pocket-sized, fold-up versions.

posted on October 15, 2009
12. Mammal

I´ve made inquiries re printing and shipping this to the US (i´m based in Europe) but due to the large size of the poster (approx. 34 x 44 inches) and low quantity to be printed, each one would end up costing roughly 100 US dollars.

So i´ve decided to make the file freely available to anyone who wants to download it and get it printed at their local printer, which should only cost 35-40 dollars. (A small donation to the Reason Project would obviously be welcomed but is not obligatory).

I will also make available a smaller version (approx. 23 x 34 inches) with just the infographic and no text for those that don´t want to print the large version.

I need to make some small adjustments to the posters to make them printable in the US and Europe (the formats vary slightly), so the files should be up by next week.

Thanks again for the interest in the project.

Andy Marlow

posted on October 16, 2009
13. GailWynand

Thanks for the effort.  I look forward to to the file being posted.

posted on October 19, 2009

I am not certain if I can get these printed for any less, but I have a close friend that owns a printing company, so if you would like, I would be more than happy to give him something to see about costs for people in the US…I live in Florida, so let me know if I can be of help

posted on October 19, 2009

When and where will it be posted? I bought a red sofa to match the poster in my living room smile

posted on October 21, 2009
16. Mammal

The posters are now available for free download (see links above)...

posted on October 22, 2009
17. Mrukk

Brilliant.  Thanks so much!

posted on October 22, 2009

Thank the lord!...err…. or rather his inconsistencies, for this beautiful poster!

posted on October 22, 2009
19. GailWynand

Very much appreciated.  It will be put to good use.

posted on October 22, 2009
20. Mammal

I hope this note gets to you before any of you take the poster to the printer´s. I just had a test print done and the colors didn´t come out quite right.

To rectify this, the image needs to be converted from CMYK to RGB in order to be printed digitally on photographic paper. Your printer will be able to do this for you (and should know this anyway).

I´ll get admin to post the converted files up to the site next week to save you the hassle of this.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Andy Marlow

posted on October 23, 2009
21. Mammal

Regarding my previous post: the converted (RGB) files have now replaced the previous ones and are available for download via the links above.

posted on October 23, 2009
22. tazilanigram

I am interested to translate this poster in Romanian language. First, I am interested if I am allowed to do this (I don’t know its copyright status) and if I am allowed, there is available this poster in vectorial (source) format?

posted on October 26, 2009
23. Mammal

tazilanigram :
Send me an email so I can send you a text document to translate. I can then insert the text, and send you the poster to print:

(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

posted on October 26, 2009
24. Studio Banana

Studio Banana, multidisciplinary creative platform is very proud that its member Andy Marlow has executed such an inspiring and revealing graphic document. Well done Andy!!

posted on October 26, 2009
25. Mammal

Thanks guys: if this project is getting praise from a Muslim and a Catholic then I guess I can say we´re making progress : )

posted on October 27, 2009
26. coastghost

Thank you for making this.
Very cool.

posted on October 29, 2009

An image that is in RGB mode is optimized for display on a computer monitor. In order to reproduce that very same image using ink on paper, it is usually converted to the CMYK color mode. Depending on where the file is taken to be printed, there are some colors which will be difficult if not impossible to print using the standard web offset press (SWOP) CMYK inks in use across the United States. Most notably, the rich Reds used in the arcs of the contradictions seem to be outside the gamut of SWOP CMYK. If anyone knows of an alternative way thats worked for them in solving this RBG vs. CMYK problem please post.

posted on November 11, 2009
28. Mammal

Spintendo: I´m aware that RGB mode is usually used for screen display but I was informed by my printer that digital printing on photographic paper for some reason requires the image to be in RGB. I´ve seen the results and RGB comes out much better.

However, please consult with your local printer first just to make sure as regional specifications may vary.
If anyone has any problems please let me know.

posted on November 13, 2009

Excuse my ignorance, where are the links so I may download the chart?

posted on December 19, 2009
30. Keith

In case the author of the poster is interested: there is a typo: numbers 263 and 264 are identical.

posted on December 28, 2009
31. mike

I work at a digital print shop in the color department. I’d recommend to print this at a digital print shop. I haven’t tried to print this poster yet, but I will be printing it soon. I’m sure it will print well.

I will be using an HP5500 Inkjet large format printer on matte paper using UV ink for longevity of the print. Also, consider getting it laminated with luster lamination mounted on 3/16th inch black gator board with a hanger in installed in the back.

If you are not getting the print laminated, then I’d use a satin or glossy paper. However, it’s worth every penny to get it laminated and mounted on gator board.

Technical note: When exporting or saving the native file to the PDF, digital print shops prefer the PDF without the registration marks and without crop marks.

We prefer posters to be saved with the bleed to the edge of the paper. That is, the color going to the edge of the paper.

Note: With small format prints (anything under 11X17), we would need crop marks and a bleed.

posted on January 21, 2010
32. jes

323 and 324 are also duplicates.

posted on March 16, 2010
33. Nikolas

Thank you I will make a Wallpaper design feature in my study room.

posted on March 16, 2010
34. Michael Gray

Alas, the sheer quantity of black ink puts me off printing it on my HP large-format printer.
Perhaps I can justify the time required to edit it, but perhaps not.

posted on March 29, 2010
35. Aine Marie

I was looking through this poster, and though it is impressive, some of the contradictions are rather mistaken and lame.

186. Who Killed Goliath? 1Sam 17:49-51 =/=  2 Sam 21:19
The latter verse says Elhanan killed the BROTHER of Goliath, not Goliath himself, so no contradiction.

105. How did David kill Goliath? 1 Sam 17:49-50 =/=  1 Sam 17:51

The latter verse only says that after killing Goliath with the stone, David then ran up and stabbed him with his own sword, that is not really a true contradiction.

I don’t write this in support of the Bible, but only to say that if we are to present this as scholarly destruction of the Bible, we better keep OUR facts straight.

posted on April 3, 2010
36. Carlos

Where have the PDFs gone??

I was looking forward to printing it…

posted on April 21, 2010
37. Cayan


the links for downloading pdf´s does´nt work. Please fix it.


posted on April 22, 2010
39. Chris

this one is great, both in its concept and in its graphic realization. I’m having a Poster printed.

Please do this for the Koran, too!!

posted on April 24, 2010
40. Chris

@ Michael Gray

if you don’t want to print it in black, make it white!
open the graphic in Photoshop (it is pixels, no more vectors then, though! open it just as big as you want to print it),

inverse colors. (crtl+I)
black will be white. reds will be cyan!

change cyans to red(or any color you want) : crtl+U (Hue/saturation) select only cyans, turn them around (180 to the right.)


posted on April 24, 2010
41. Chris

Still no working download link? I totally want to print one for my home office.

posted on April 26, 2010
42. Lee

Click on the link in comment #38 then click on the Print link at the top of the page.  You can open it as a pdf and either print or save to your desktop.  The Download link doesn’t work.

posted on April 26, 2010

The PDFs are now back.

posted on April 26, 2010
44. Lyvvie

I’d like it on glass-box and backlit, please.

posted on May 5, 2010
45. Ashe

I was just looking over the PDFs and noticed that on the Large file (33 x 44) there is a mistake on the poster. The same question is asked TWICE with the SAME quotations back to back. Look at numbers 323 and 324 which both ask the question “How much power did Jesus have?” with the same references following the repeated question. Someone might need to go back and proofread the poster again.

posted on July 4, 2010
46. Ashe

Also number 406 says “When when did the transfiguration occur?” I assume there should only be one “when” in the question.

posted on July 4, 2010
47. J

Shame on you all for denying Christ Jesus, decay upon you, to deny God is to deny your own existance, fading souls repent before the time of mercy is over.

posted on August 22, 2010
48. noise

Some people just don’t believe what you believe J, you should respect that. Shame on you for throwing hatred on people that don’t share your belief. Besides, according to YOU, there is a place waiting for you in Heaven, so what do you care? Nobody is Denying God, but only his origin. Some believe God created men, and history says men created God. Some people choose to accept history not deny it.

posted on September 9, 2010
49. qbit

@45 and 46
Perhaps one should make another nice looking poster showing the errors in this poster? Lol.

Seriously, this must be one of the top most silliest things I have ever seen. Study something interesting for chrissake!

posted on October 8, 2010
50. qbit

Re: printing black posters I would much rather print something astronomical, from Hubble or so. You know, something that can really catch one’s imagination and make you reflect on the vastness and the true wonders of the universe.

posted on October 8, 2010
51. samaEL

Very nice graphic presentation. It’s strange how can things look scary under different perspective.

posted on October 20, 2010
52. Reason for a reason

I love this ‘damn’ thing!! For all who are finding the quirks, thank you because it should be infallible for us to use it as a tool against the claim of infallibility. Those who are being negative about it (qbit) should make their own project if their so concerned. Do you know how much hard work and dedication went in to providing us with this near masterpiece of anti-irony? Thank you to Harrison and Marlow for what you have done here. Belief in the truth of ‘holy’ books is a fast and fisticuff issue in our world.

posted on October 22, 2010
53. Mohamad

Cool! Can you also make the quran version?
I live in indonesia, so i think it’s cool to have one for the quran smile or perhaps someone knows a link?

posted on November 10, 2010
54. john

in the downloadable 33"x44”, contradictions 7 and 9 are duplicates.

posted on November 11, 2010
55. jonathon

404. “by” should read “buy”

posted on November 11, 2010
56. jean

Great idea- sadly not as great as it first seems though as The Bible say that no one can understand the Word of God without the Spirit of God.
Hoping that one day you will receive the Spirit.

Best Wishes

posted on November 12, 2010
57. John Lussier

Hmm… interesting stuff, but sadly it seems at least some of these aren’t actual contradictions:

posted on November 12, 2010
58. Gohavesometea

@Jean - thanks for that, of course, if God wanted us to understand his word maybe he would give it to us directly, along with the spirit so there would be no confusion. Having it relayed to us in ‘chinese whispers’ through men who merely tell us that God spoke to them seems like such hit and miss way to convey an important message.
@Andy - Love the poster and I agree that if possible it should be thoroughly proof read so there can be no debating it’s accuracy. Either way I look forward to having a print made up. Thank you.

posted on November 12, 2010
59. UrbsDei21

Check out this link, which goes on to expound about the poster and explore a few of these contradictions. It’s really insightful.

posted on November 12, 2010
60. D. Douglas

To quote from the above link, Wilson takes two separate examples and determines they are not contradictions (just to give a flavor of the strength of them).  After analyzing one set of “contradictions” in detail, he recapitulates the discussion thus-ly:

“So when you look at that poster, with all those red arches proving that the Bible is a tissue of contradictions, just remember that #208 was one of those red lines. Tell yourself that Sam Harris thinks the Bible is unreliable because it tells Christian spouses to stay married to the non-Christian if the non-Christian wants to, and not to worry about it if they don’t. Most of us would call this different counsel for different circumstances, but for Sam Harris, it is a contradiction. This, under the banner of Project Reason?”

The whole blog post is worth the read.

posted on November 13, 2010
61. John Roberts

Wow Andy, it seems as though you’ve put a lot of work into this project…my question though, for whoever wants to answer, is how do we explain the presence of evil and suffering in the world?

Happy Respectable Blogging grin

posted on November 13, 2010
62. David Haslam

Inspired (now there’s a word not often used by atheists!) by Chris Harrison. Quite so!

Why no hyperlink to his visualization project?

posted on November 13, 2010
63. Tobe Hester

I think I like this one better…wow!  This must just be a huge coincidence…surely Sam didn’t rip this graphic off from Christians???

posted on November 13, 2010
64. Rod

Wow—thanks for documenting all these “contradictions”! SO GLAD people can just trust you instead of reading the Bible for themselves.

posted on November 13, 2010

Thanks! I have been wanting this since seeing it in Sam Harris’ lecture in DC.

posted on November 13, 2010
66. Blair

Interesting, isn’t it, how, for many, a single picture seems to disprove two thousand years of truth?!  Also how so many people think that all Christians hang on every word of the Bible. Yet, as a Christian, I find that this picture increases my interest in the Bible, adds to my understanding of its multiple messages, and reminds me of the complexity of God’s creation.  It’ll take more than an uncritical, though pretty 2-dimensional diagram to stop me seeking that understanding.

posted on November 13, 2010
67. Nate Filippelli

The following fait accompli by Doug Wilson speaks for itself.

Concerning #211:

“Follow that? God told the sons of Israel not to make images that they would bow down to or worship, and this is said to contradict the making of images that they did not bow down to or worship. Heh. Let us illustrate this Accomplishment of High Reason with a parallel argument. It is against the rules of soccer to touch the ball with your hands. Does it follow that it is a contradiction to allow the players to kick the ball with their feet? I don’t think so, but of course I am not an aspiring scientist like Sam Harris.”

Seriously, “let God be found true, though every man be found a liar.”  Rom. 3:4

posted on November 13, 2010
68. MrDepraved

You atheists are so pompous.

“Never mind that it has already been pointed out that the poster is full of mistakes! I don’t even need the text! I wouldn’t read it anyway. Just send me the pretty picture so I can show everyone how sheepish Christians are!”

Sound rather religious of you.

posted on November 14, 2010
69. Jon

Project Reason would like to see itself as intellectually superior to the bible. But their method of research very superficial, highly un-intellectual, and their claims do not come close to representing the truth of what Christains believe. Their goal is to push a world-view rather than legitimate evidence. Why not come out with the truth of the matter? It would be more honest to just say that you hate God and everything for which he stands. However, I do see an advantage in avoiding the intellectual claims of genuine Christianity—you get to live any way you like and be a god unto yourself. How sad to be so in-grown and volatile about defending such finitude. Your advantages will soon wear out. One day your cup will be empty and the One who fills our cups will satisfy you no more. Then what? Then you will spend an eternity thirsting for all that you found satiating in life. Who will then open your eyes to behold wondrous things? Why do you suppose Jesus is called a savior? You are a prisoner of your own desires. That you watch horror flicks should be proof enough that you glorify death rather than life. One day you will get what you want. I pray this doesn’t happen to you. Wake up, oh sleeper!

posted on November 15, 2010
70. Nathan

Um, I just checked three of these, and none of them were actually contradictory.  I don’t even need to check more, I’m 100% so far…

You people call yourselves reasonable?

posted on November 15, 2010
71. Justin

Contradictions are not errors. Showing contradictions merely helps to define the context in which the contradictions exist.

Think of a stop light. It gives contradictory information to two different lanes. One red, One green. The law of non-contradiction to prove something unreasonable only works cetiras paribus. These Bible passages do not follow cetiras paribus because it was revealed over time.

Come now, let us reason…

posted on November 15, 2010
72. Rick

I agree with Jon & Justin. Looks like they put a lot of time into something that was only superficially researched (if at all). Down through the centuries many have attempted to point out alleged discrepencies in the Bible. All turned out to be futile attempts. There are books out there dealing with these issues.

I wonder if they actually went back to the originial Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic languages, and through intenstive scholarly research were actually able to come up with this chart?

I highly doubt it.

They are grasping at straws to avoid being accountable to a holy God. Hopefully they actually read the Bible and understand what it is saying. I can only pray their eyes are opened before it’s too late…..

posted on November 15, 2010
73. Michael

I have to laugh at the people that don’t believe in God saying “lets pray they make this poster available” seriously, you DO pray about something???? LOL

First, try reading it in Hebrew, the language of which it was written… *the old testament* and then read it in greek, the language that the new testament was written in.. and then, once you have an accurate account for it, you’ll see where the english version makes some mistakes, but the bible doesn’t contradict itself… smile

posted on November 15, 2010
74. Dee

The only thing that is “WOW” about this is the graphics… And they were ripped from a Christian (see link below).

The info itself, is intellectually dishonest (especially for something wearing a “Reason” hat). I have not read ALL the contradictions, but the ones I have read are solved by simply understanding the context.
So its a literacy issue. Taken out of context, the Bible says “there is no God”, there are “many gods,” the devil is “god” and “there is One God.”
If you look at those while ignoring the context, they seem contradictory. That is remedied by simply taking it in context.

posted on November 16, 2010
75. Tom

To those who are asking the authors of the poster to use context please see the mission statement;
“The foundation draws on the talents of prominent and creative thinkers in a wide range of disciplines to encourage critical thinking and erode the influence of dogmatism, superstition, and bigotry in our world.”
This poster is arguably creative thinking and definitely encouraging critical thinking - of course it’s probably a little much to expect it to erode much dogmatism, superstition and bigotry but we can hope.
Please try turning some of that critical thinking toward the bible, I’m sure that if you do you’ll easily find your own contradictions the biggest of which was summed up by Bill Hicks;
“Eternal Suffering awaits all those who doubt God’s Infinite Love”

One last thing, ‘truth’ is empirical, it does not require belief or faith.

posted on November 16, 2010
76. Gohavesometea


I have to laugh at the people that don’t believe in God saying “lets pray they make this poster available” seriously, you DO pray about something???? LOL

First, try reading it in Hebrew, the language of which it was written… *the old testament* and then read it in greek, the language that the new testament was written in.. and then, once you have an accurate account for it, you’ll see where the english version makes some mistakes, but the bible doesn’t contradict itself…

I’m glad you have to laugh, that suggests you understand the underlying sarcasm by atheists using the words ‘let’s pray’.

As for trying to read the bible in Hebrew, Greek etc, you are certainly helping to illustrate why atheists do not believe it is the word of God.
First and foremost unless we have a complete understanding of the original languages and access to the original text how could we?
However, that does not negate the basis of the poster. The english version is what is used as ‘the word of God’ in the english speaking world.
As for the mistakes you refer to; if you accept that it is the word of God and also that God is infallible then you must accept that the modern english bible is as God intends it to be, warts and all.

Last thing, for those referring to biblical truth;
truth is empirical, it does not require faith and/or belief.

posted on November 16, 2010
77. Curtis

As a Pastor, I’m really excited to see this! Thank you.
It’s of ultimate importance that religious people recognize that the Bible was not written as a systematic, universal textbook - and instead inside inside human history and divergent culture(s). This helps to that end. Thanks again.

posted on November 17, 2010
78. KG

People need to remember that the Bible is an anthology; a collection of writings by many writers over a great period of time. Each writer wrote from his perspective and what knowledge he had of events and prophecies which at that time where not all recorded and written form. Even if written down they didn’t have printing presses for mass distribution but relied of what was taught.. So you’re going to get variation and/or contradictions. Which makes me believe the collection ever more because if everything matched exactly it would mean that calibration took place amongst the writers. Also different cultural influences such as what calendar was followed and what language was spoken and written would account for this. So what are being reported as contradictions are really different points or view or of different advice being given

posted on November 17, 2010
79. DanBolivar

Most of the contradictions are taken nearly or completely out of context, just for the sake of argument.
Not that there aren’t passages that are seemingly contradicting, but the details are similar to… “Bob had 2 sheep”.. and .. “Bob had 4… sheep”... The matter isn’t how many sheep Bob had but that he HAD them. Other ‘contradictions’ are a matter of misunderstanding between the time of “the Law” and the time ‘of Grace”. Then still others are mere error in translation or transcription, that truly don’t take away from the heart of the message.

When people are trying to deny that the Bible was inspired by a Creator, it’s simply a sign that they fear that their interpretations of a God or Creator, may be in error as well.

Regardless, the overbearing message in the Bible, if properly interpreted, is that one must look inside and not outside for solutions.
That God is within each of us and not sitting on a cloud.
Sure, religions have used the Bible for their own agendas. And even some of the books included in the whole may have had certain political or social secondary reasons for being included. And yes, if one reads the Bible as one would a recipe book or thesaurus, one is bound to want to throw the thing away and forget about it… But as with most holy books, the Bible should be read with the heart… and not the mind.

If the authors of the ‘study’ had taken the time to search for God in their hearts, that they took to try and piecemeal every line and word… they would have certainly understood, that regardless of its innate flaws and obvious non sequitur appearance… the message is the same, the symbology matches, and the purpose is indeed Divine. To raise the consciousness of man.

You want to blame someone.. blame religions.. not the Bible, for countless incongruities and inconsistencies in leading people to their Creator and unto themselves.

posted on November 17, 2010
80. Joe

Who/what made REASON the supreme authority? The entire premise is fundamentally, epistemologically flawed.

posted on November 18, 2010
81. luke

hey!  I found the answer to #201..  so, i can’t say anything about the other ones.. but we can at least scratch that one off the list smile 

Great finds, but seriously.. all I know is I used to be controlled by fear.. addicted to porn and hate my life.  In August 2009 Jesus flooded fear perminantly out of my heart, I haven’t been controlled by porn since December 2004.. and even though I’m not ‘out of the woods yet’ I totally love my life!

438 unproved consistencies.. can’t deny that.  Jesus is alive and kick’n some butt!  and he’ll kick butt for you too smile

posted on November 18, 2010
82. Billy Warhol

I Love it!! wink  I also Love da Fact that Atheists are steppin’ up to the Plate + thru the Power of Social Networks ie Twitter FacePOOP Blogs etc are spreadin’ da Good Word about Religious Bullshit!! wink

posted on November 21, 2010
83. Pete

Same old “contradictions” people have been citing for many years, all thoroughly debunked long ago by true scholars.

posted on November 22, 2010
84. Jeff Adams

Seems to be a lot of excitement over this image!  I wonder how many of the enthusiasts have actually read any of the apparent contradictions? Are any athiests, who seem to consider themselves more reasonable than believers (i.e. “project reason”), not seeing the irony here?

posted on November 22, 2010
85. Jeff Adams

please remove the “not” from last sentence. Sorry!

posted on November 22, 2010
86. Peter Rufus

Beautiful poster. Flawed content. Guys, you seriously do yourself the biggest disservice with this superfluous analysis. Just a cursory glance at the points listed shows some serious loopholes in your logic.

For instance #201 says there’s a contradiction between John 14:26 and John 15:26. In one verse Jesus says He will send the Holy Spirit, in the other, He says the Father will send the Spirit. BIG CONTRADICTION!!!!!

Not! Because if anyone actually had the sense (or integrity) to read deeper, they would have seen that in John 10:30 Jesus clearly says, “I and the Father are one”. But obviously, the creators of PROJECT REASON (the name is so ironical!!) haven’t dug that deep. They’re just interested in spreading rumours and ignorance. And making a fast buck on the side.

Sam and Annaka, if you really want to be taken seriously, please have a bit more integrity. Otherwise this is just juvenile.

posted on November 22, 2010
87. Peter Rufus

#226. When did Jehoash become king of Israel?

2 Kings 13:1
In the twenty-third year of Joash son of Ahaziah king of Judah, Jehoahaz son of Jehu became king of Israel in Samaria, and he reigned seventeen years.

2 Kings 13:1
In the thirty-seventh year of Joash king of Judah, Jehoash son of Jehoahaz became king of Israel in Samaria, and he reigned sixteen years.

What’s the contradiction? The first passage talks about Jehoahaz; the second one talks of Jehoash, the SON of Jehoahaz. They’re two completely different people.


Are you so intellectually inept that you fail to recognise the difference between father and son? Or are you so deceitful that you would knowingly misrepresent facts?

In fact, would you just do yourselves a favour and investigate for yourselves whether this poster is true or not? Will you please have the decency to show some sort of integrity before you point a finger?

I know it’s hard. I know how much you hate Christ and Christianity. I know how much you desperately want to see the Bible proven untrue. That’s fine. But at least be honest, people.

Investigate the Bible by all means. Challenge it if you must. But please don’t be dishonest in your analysis. In fact, please don’t call this an analysis.

This website claims to bring out the flaws in religious scripture through research. Yeah, right. If anything, this site, its creators, and all those who support it have demonstrated their own bigotry and tendency to be twist facts to suit their own theories.

posted on November 22, 2010
88. Janis Kelly

This is blasphemy!! The Bible is God’s Word and there are no contradictions. The proposed contradictions simply put into perspective our pea sized brains that are unable to fathom the kind of God who created and continues to sustain all of creation.  Those of you questioning His authority, power and truth need to be reminded that HE holds every breath you breathe in HIS hands. I would not dare to stand in your shoes!!

posted on November 27, 2010
89. chris

Think the poster is amazing, actually.

Flawed, like any human creation (such as the bible) - but it works well. I love seeing these comments who write how blatantly you’re “distorting” facts, but I just randomly picked five verses and they all fit reasonably well into the word “Contradiction.”

Going to go print out a large-scale copy at school next time I’m on campus. Thanks for the awesome piece of artwork. Might have to change the color though…this thing is going to eat up wayyy too much black ink.

posted on November 27, 2010
90. Robert

#89 chris

How do you respond to the questions that have been raised by many concerning the chart? For instance how the graphic at the top bears no relationship to the text in the middle?

Seems disingenuous at best to attempt to represent the chart and graphic together as corresponding. Also what if I were to challenge the chart as not a good representation of the Bible given it isn’t using the best translation available? What if I were to challenge you to take up the Greek and Hebrew with me and look at these verses and supposed contradictions?

The suggestion that the KJV is a best translation for this purpose is simply wrongheaded. If for no other reason than the majority of Christians in the world don’t use an English Bible. Also to say that modern translations “white-wash” the text blatantly misrepresents modern scholarship. What if we were to hold science to the standard of proving their theorems and method using the knowledge available in 1769? Because that is the last update of the King James translation being used?

Would it follow that if we use modern advances in science to arrive at informed decisions that we can allow for that same level of evidence to be represented in the biblical scholarship of the texts we use?

I’ll openly challenge anyone on these grounds to show me where half of the chart above is authentic.

posted on November 29, 2010

Yeah… these “contradictions” seem a bit,.. sketchy.

I looked up 10-15 of these and saw no contradictions. Some were clarifications, but none were contradicting. Anyways… my prayers are with you all.

posted on November 30, 2010
92. e

hmmm…. a cool graphic. But it’s no secret to most that there are contradictions in the Bible (even in the original translations). And for those that don’t understand that, this graphic isn’t the way to change their minds, as you can see by the posts on this page.)
I just wish that the secularists so passionate about lambasting the Bible recognized that, although, yes, there are many, many Christians that tragically use the Bible unethically and stupidly, the Bible is very interesting (and for some, religiously relevant) in the way it documents communities’ responses to their basic questions of how we live, who god is, if god is, what good is, etc.. For many Christians and scholars, the paradoxes and inconsistencies in the Bible are in themselves interesting and wonderful…because they represent the messiness inherent in real life. Real life is messy, lacking in final resolutions, full of wonder and paradox, rich in moral quandary, ripe with symbolic opportunity…just like the Bible. Since Project Reason is interested in encouraging critical thinking, they would be wise to realize that the many books of the Bible can in fact promote critical thinking if their incongruities are examined from historical, cultural, literary lenses. If you’re interested in an easy primer in this, check out:
I’m not a Christian anymore, but I have studied the Bible in a scholarly way and have a lot of respect for it not only as a cultural document but also as a text that, for some, inspires a mature, responsible religiosity. I agree that it’s sad and angering that fundamentalist Christianity does not approach the Bible in this way. If fundamentalist Christians are ever going to use the Bible differently, in public discourse we have to break the Bible out of the literal box many have put it into. Ironically the “scientific” box that many secularists have put it into does the same damage as the literal box. It’s the other side of the same coin that buys fundamentalist Christians their simplistic understanding of the Bible.  If you’re preaching to the choir (which is fine), this is a cool graphic. If you’re trying to change the way people use the Bible, not only does this just make people defensive but it encourages the same simplistic understanding of very complex texts.

posted on December 2, 2010
93. Ron

In response to comment # 92 from e., it would be fine if all Christians understood the Bible as you describe it, a source philosophy and religious ideas, a source of cultural responses to situations and issues, etc. However, what the rest of the world needs to understand is that the fundamentalist movement in the USA is growing stronger and stronger. The most powerful nation on earth is on the verge of being turned into the Christian version of Iran or Saudi Arabia. People who believe the Bible is the literal, infallible word of God are being elected to positions of power. The Bible is now dictating political positions of Senators and Congressmen on foreign policy and environmental issues not just on moral questions. When these nuts regain control of the White House, we could become a very dangerous nation. Here is an example of a Congressman reading from the Bible during a committee meeting and explaining why, according to the Bible, we have no reason to worry about climate change.

posted on December 7, 2010
94. David

Man, this is sloppy! So many of the “contradictions” aren’t even contradictions. I’m so disappointed.

posted on December 8, 2010
95. Men's Battle Plan

Side note: 7 and 9 are the same. Did you proofread this?

2: Abraham was justified by faith AND by works. James 2:22 “You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by his works;”

4: ahimeliech and Abiathar are the same name. Just like if my father was named James (but everyone called him Jim) then I named my son James (and everyone also called him Jim). Or another example would be Richard and Dick.

5, 6 : The word “daughter” in 1 Kings and 1 Chronicles are used differently (as in many other parts of the bible). 1 Kings uses it as Daughter and 1 Chronicles uses it as Granddaughter. Or you might use the term “daughter of eve” to describe all women. Of course none of you would but it is a phrase.

11:They don’t contradict, Gen 1 is a general account and Gen 2 is a more detailed account of creation.

12: Same as 5. The word Son can mean that I came from my grandfather. This term is the same as saying “Jesus was the son of man” meaning He came from man. This was a common phrase back then.

15: The old testament commands that a adulterer should be killed. The story in the New Testament changes this by saying that “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” He was calling out the fact that the Pharisees were very sinful but were punishing a woman who He thought was less sinful. They were hypocrites. Much like many pastors and priests today.

16: These verses don’t contradict each other. Exodus, Deut and Hebrews say don’t commit adultery and Numbers and Hosea are talking about taking a wife. Help me here.

17: It was written that the Amalekites were “utterly destroyed” but apparently there was some survivors because in 1 Chron 4:43 about 300 years later Amalekites were killed. The phrase”Utterly destroyed” means that the people were practically destroyed. This is like saying my care it totaled or totally destroyed but obviously it wasn’t destroyed all the way but very very damaged.

18: There is no 2 Chronicles 16:30. This must be a typo.

21: Joshua says the city was left in ruins but the people didn’t die, they went into captivity. The people who were in captivity and came back to live in Israel are listed in Nehemiah 7.

22: This doesn’t even make sense. Aijalon was a city not a person. A city can not be from a tribe. A tribe owns a city, not the other way around.

posted on December 10, 2010
96. Miguel


2 Kings 13:1
In the twenty-third year of Joash son of Ahaziah king of Judah, Jehoahaz son of Jehu became king of Israel in Samaria, and he reigned seventeen years.

2 Kings 13:10
In the thirty-seventh year of Joash king of Judah, Jehoash son of Jehoahaz became king of Israel in Samaria, and he reigned sixteen years.

23rd year of Joash+17=40th year of Joash

So Jehoash and Jehoahaz were co-Kings for three years?


Genesis 1 - Fish, then birds, then cattle, creeping things, wild animals, and finally man and woman.

Genesis 2 - Man, then wild animals, birds, then woman.

I don’t even want to know what Adam did to the animals that lead the creator to the conclusion that none of them were a “suitable partner” (Gen2:20). Perhaps this is why cattle are mentioned in both versions but sheep are absent?

posted on December 20, 2010
97. Scary Guy

I’d like to see a version with a science category as well and blue lines for all the science contradictions.

posted on December 23, 2010
98. Unbelievable

So now everyone is supposed to believe you and this made up chart of contradictions.  Geez at least there is much historical evidence to a Chirstians belief. To show this to someone of faith and expect them to believe it is ridiculous.

posted on December 29, 2010
99. chris

This is pretty, but daft. It assumes that Christians are all the same - silly, naive, credulous, prepared to take a hotch-potch of ancient narratives at face value. Do a bit of research - you might be able to make a picture out of that too!

posted on December 31, 2010
100. BethT

It is interesting that so many commenting on this poster are eager to immediately trust the authenticity and accuracy of this poster in order to disqualify the Bible.  A prudent scholar (Christian or non-Christian) would first want to check the content of this poster for its trustworthiness and accuracy, before jumping to conclusions and start posting it on walls and distributing wallet sized cards to friends.

posted on January 5, 2011

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