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By Unknown. 2010. Various Images.

Comments (6)

1. Niye

Real Jesus supporters also support religious organizations, who are tax-free and sit on valuable and equitable REAL- estate.
So why shouldn’t they want to believe in a REAL JESUS,  it’s also cost effective!

Amazing that those of us outside these institutions, who pay taxes on everything, are still paying for them to spout their beliefs on some of our dollars while they are exempt. 
I guess a REAL Jesus, needs tax cuts, and poster signs to keep up the big bluff.   


posted on March 8, 2010
2. Unholy One

Wow, just wow. It’s amazing how religions can shove their brainwashing propaganda down our throats, and the second we question the validity of their faith, however level-headed we may be, they’re screaming “first amendment rights” and “counter-punch!” Yet I always hear that Atheists are the bullies? Funny, since I happen to be a closeted atheist in the good ole Bible Belt. Christians preach and preach compassion and “love thy neighbor” yet are some of the most intolerant people I’ve ever met. (And I should know since I’m surrounded by them!)

posted on December 20, 2010
3. Irfan Khan

Wow. I would like to own something like this.

posted on June 26, 2011
4. Lara

uh .. these signs!!!! they kill me!!!
weve got tons of them here in Jordan! pisses me off!

but they say things like: bless god or ask for god to forgive your sins, or take a moment to pray!

posted on February 3, 2012
5. The Plan

Of course Jesus is real and his brother is Real, he’s been working as a pool cleaner since he brought his family from Mexico. Thing is now the economy is so bad it is tough for him to find work and he is thinking he might have to move back to Warez.

posted on June 23, 2012
6. Gory Yogi

Funny how religious people enjoy this, however us atheist or whatever we are considered as are no followers of some entity who does not exist to our eyes…  Any problem with the fact that most Neo Nazis societies are Catholics??? That pretty much every religion brought war against people because they were different and as a small reminder if we are all equal and child of god why do so many people bring hate in his/her name??? Don’t bring religion into equality because religion has done a single thing except bring discrimination… Here is a thought to all the religious people out there, the largest account of death (and it isn’t even exact) were the crusades, the most horrible tortures were the inquisition killing poor innocent independent women, and retarding the advance of science for centuries and lets not talk about the utter destruction of the women’s cult and burning of the largest sources of knowledge, and I hope you know why… Because they did not believe in a single god… Peace Out!!!

posted on February 21, 2015

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