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Bible stats

By Unknown. 2010. Various Images.

Comments (6)

1. Seimour

Somehow….I am not surprised. Satan is the scapegoat of christians but he really is the victim here.

posted on September 25, 2010
2. suresh

Fear and the blatant use of fear to propagate an ulterior motive is the issue. God and Satan are just the tools of religious zealots to enslave the majority. There wouldn’t be evil without PEOPLE. smile

posted on October 11, 2010
3. Unholy One

I would be scared to see the statistics for the number of people killed at the hands of angry, religious zealots. I’d imagine it would make the god of the Bible look like a pretty nice guy.

posted on December 20, 2010
4. Enders

The absolute numbers are not that informative. Better are the relative numbers, like killed people compared to world population.
For example: After the holocaust against the Jews 6 million were murdered and the world population was 4 billion. I am making up the world population number, too lazy to check. At the end of the crusade the population was 1 billion and 3 million were killed.
The ratios would be 0.0015 for the holocaust and 0.003 for the crusades.

Now image how low the population was at the time when the killings in the bible were believed to happen.

posted on April 14, 2011

It seems like you would be more careful what you say, then, no?

posted on May 26, 2012
6. Pieter

You forgot Stalin 66000000 est.

posted on March 29, 2013

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