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By Unknown. 2010. Various Images.

Comments (10)

1. Tobias

Hahaha,,, What’s the point?

posted on August 24, 2010
2. suresh

CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should be given a NOBEL prize for photography.

posted on October 11, 2010
3. Don

I wonder if any of them took home the wrong wife by accident?

posted on November 5, 2010
4. Ali Riza Aksoy

oppsss. which one is mine?

posted on January 16, 2011
5. Austin

hilarious haah…

posted on January 18, 2011
6. Chris Hughes

But… Photoshop, not reality…

posted on March 26, 2011

Imagine tagging this on Facebook!!

posted on August 29, 2011
8. Lara

loooool this is in beirut im guessing !! i recognize the background behind it! its downtown beirut smile solidair!

loooooool .. this is funny.. you should see something like them trying to eat ?!! or that at airport security! haha

posted on February 3, 2012
9. Barre

I think You people got it wrong. it isn’t a matter of not knowing your wife. The picture shows the 3 wives of the man taking the photo and two of his adult daughters.

posted on January 7, 2013
10. Justina

1. This is a generalization of Muslim views towards women.

2. Misogynists in the West are no better.

3. Judging by the nature of these comments, I can tell that these commenters are more interested in mocking Islam than actually empathizing with the women are being oppressed.

4. Mockery is counterproductive when it comes to human rights.

5. Your hatred and fear of Muslims is disgusting.

posted on February 21, 2013

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