Project Reason is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society. The foundation draws on the talents of prominent and creative thinkers in a wide range of disciplines to encourage critical thinking and erode the influence of dogmatism, superstition, and bigotry in our world.

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Check out the winners of the annual Project Reason video contest!

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Contest Description

The primary goal of Project Reason is to spread scientific thinking and secular values. We invite you to help us further our work by submitting a short video that conveys the message of the foundation.

The prize for the Winning Video of 2010 was $10,000.

The prize for Second Place was $4,000.

The prize for Third Place was $1,000.

Congratulations to the winners!

Contest Dates (all in North American Pacific Time)
Submit beginning:12.18.2009 12:00 am
Submit until:2.28.2010 11:59 pm
Vote begins:
Vote until:3.21.2010 11:59 pm

Rules and Restrictions

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This contest has ended.

Check out our winners!

Big One

Grand Prize Winner!

The Values We All Stand For

Created By Evid3nc3.
Submitted on 02.14.2010

An argument for a change in our national symbols to include atheists by not presuming a belief in God among Americans at the level of our federal government. The goal is not necessarily immediate action, but rather to raise consciousness about where these references to God came from and why they shouldn't be a part of a government that is supposed to represent all of us.

Big Two

Second Place Winner!


Created By moran.
Submitted on 02.28.2010

In a post-religion world, it would be difficult to convince people to build bombs, worship a person, teach creationism, tell people who to marry, or feel justified in ‘owning’ other people. And when we look up for inspiration we’d have to find it in ourselves.

Big Three

Third Place Winner!

Just a Book

Created By Stobal32.
Submitted on 02.28.2010

A Bible thumper learns his lesson…